Aussie Star ‘Feels Good’ Despite Horror Crash

TOUGH Aussie speedway star Zaine Kennedy revealed how he felt “good” despite being sent flying over the safety fence in a horror crash at Glasgow.

The 20-year-old was chasing Connor Mountain for the lead in heat 18 of the FIM Team Speedway U21 World Championship semi-final when he smashed into the air fence on the second bend at Ashfield.

The impact threw him through the air and well clear of the barrier.

Remarkably, he was on his feet within seconds having landed on a pile of tyres – and felt no ill effects of the spectacular off.

Kennedy, who was visiting Europe to race for the first time, said: “I’m actually all right – I feel good.

“The air fence played a big part and if those tyres weren’t there I’d have probably just gone straight onto the ground and it would’ve hurt a bit more.

“I was chasing it and I think I got caught out a little bit, but it is what it is.


“I’m definitely capable of racing here and I feel like I showed that. I was consistent with second-places. What let me down a little bit was gating but in that last one I made a really good start and I just got stuck in the middle of the track and they swarmed me.

“After about a lap I got wound up and was on Connor’s tail but got caught out.

“We don’t have anything of this sort of style back home. In Australia the tracks are really smooth and stuff. When you have the bumps it sort of throws us all out of whack.”

Kennedy scored eight in what was an impressive first outing on these shores for the new-look Aussie team.

He now hopes to return to the UK next year to start full-time professional racing.

He said: “It took me a couple of heats to get with it and in that third heat I changed the bike around and felt comfortable, and it was pretty good.

“This is my first time over here so hopefully if I can get this bike straightened out I’ll do some more rides here.

“I’m hoping to come here fully next year and kick my career off.”

Photos courtesy of Ian Adam