Colts Fired Up Over Heathens Win

Though their Play Off ambitions have now been relinquished, the Belle Vue Colts took great delight in their 50-40 win over Cradley on Friday night, beating them in their belated Easter Monday clash.

Despite being the underdogs, the Cool Running boys relished the opportunity to strike at the heart of their title-chasing rivals and all but dominated their evening even though they were under power.

Metaphorical sparks were flying high between these two old rivals, but it was the literal sparks that were out in full force for Matt Williamson in Heat 13 following a frightening throttle malfunction!

He explained: “As soon as I dropped the clutch, I knew straight away going into the first bend that something was wrong. By the time I got to the third I realised the throttle was stuck wide open.

“One thing everyone should know about me is that I am a determined rider so I decided to ride it out and I managed to still win the race. As I finished, I pulled my cut-out thinking it’d stop the bike.

“But it didn’t. At that point, it was a case of how do I kill this thing? I nearly broke my ankle down the back straight trying to get it to stop, and I’ve got to thank Andy Meredith for helping with that.

“Unfortunately pulling the HT lead out caused it got go up flames so I jumped off! There is damage to the machine but nowhere near as much as what could’ve happened. It could’ve been worse.”

Tracking one guests in place of Daniel Bewley, as well as Rider Replacement for Rob Shuttleworth, the visiting Heathens proved to be quite the feisty opponent for the home side to conquer.

But in the end, it was the Mancunian boys who reigned supreme on the night and denied their Midland rivals the satisfaction of taking even a consolation point for their rigorous efforts.

He said: “We should all be proud of ourselves as we know what a powerful team Cradley are. With R/R in effect I was a bit busier, and both Andy and David did much better which was great to see.

“We’ve struggled more at reserve this season but they did really well and chipped in vital points on the night while the rest of the boys put in a good night’s work at the office. We’re really happy.

“In the same breath however we are really disappointed because unfortunately it’s not enough to put us in the Play Offs, and that’s something we’ve been working really hard for all season.

“I genuinely believe that if we had managed to fit in our outstanding meetings before the deadline that we would have been the team to go through in fourth, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.”


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running Colts 50
Matt Williamson 14, Lee Payne 12+1, Jack Smith (G) 12+1, David Holt 5+2, Tom Woolley 5, Andy Mellish 2+2, Dan Bewley R/R

Bradley ‘Motor Market’ Heathens 40
Ashley Morris 12, Nathan Greaves (G) 11+1, Bradley Andrews 6+1, Tom Perry 5, Richard Andrews 4+1, Joe Lawlor (G) 1+1, Ben Basford 1, James Purchase R/R

Words: Hayley Bromley
Images: Ian Charles