‘It was my favourite result so far’

GLASGOW manager Cami Brown admitted his side’s draw at Workington last night was his favourite result of the season so far.

The Tigers and Comets drew 45-all in a Championship Shield tie the Scottish side simply couldn’t afford to lose.

The two points gained puts Glasgow two ahead of Workington with the Comets still having one meeting in hand in the Borders group.

Brown’s side’s fate hung on a heat 15 where they needed a two-point swing to draw level – and top men Richie Worrall and Chris ‘Bomber’ Harris delivered the goods.

The Ashfield boss was impressed by his team’s fighting spirit and pleased with their weekend’s work after taking all three points in Friday’s Championship win over Scunthorpe.

He said: “A win at home to Scunthorpe and draw at Workington are results I’d have taken at the start of the weekend. They were two really solid performances.

“When Jason Garrity pulled out of Friday night’s meeting people just assumed it would be easier than it was. They still had a lot of good riders and we still had to win races – something we didn’t do the week before.

“Last night was my favourite result as a manager so far, because they stuck it out. In the last race I said to Chris and Richie that we needed a 4-2 minimum to get a draw – a defeat and we were out.

“I said that if we were on a 4-2 not to take risks. Claus Vissing had fallen off while overtaking two heats before – I’m not blaming him but I didn’t want the boys to make the same mistake again.

“Chris went from gate four and blasted round the outside of both Workington riders, but unfortunately Richie got blocked.

“People say Richie’s not a racer but he passed Dan Bewley fantastically and held him off to get that third place, which gave us the 4-2 we needed for a draw.

“Everybody gave a bit last night – Bomber and Richie were out-and-out heatleaders but the rest of the team chipped in with vital points.”

Glasgow now have to wait for other results to see if they’ll go through to the shield semi-finals.

With most riders enjoying a quiet week due to the Speedway of Nations international tournament being held, most will go into the weekend’s double-header with Peterborough Panthers well-rested.