It’s Firmly in the Balance

GLASGOW’S defence of the KO Cup is “in the balance” after a 10-point defeat at Peterborough tonight.

The Panthers looked to be running away with the semi-final tie as they raced 14 points clear after just nine heats.

But Richie Worrall, Richard Lawson and Dan Bewley all bagged wins for the Tigers to ensure the hosts didn’t get too far ahead – backed up by an impressive performance from reserve by Jack Smith, who was paid for eight points.

Team manager Stewart Dickson says it’s impossible to call who will emerge victorious from Tuesday’s second leg to make the final against Ipswich.
He said: “It’s one of those that’s firmly in the balance.

“I think they would’ve been looking for a wee bit more and we would’ve been looking for a wee bit less. I don’t think you would say either side is the favourite for the second leg.

“They were 14 points ahead at one point and would’ve been looking to put more on top of that at one stage – and we were trying to keep it at that – but I think 10 is a strange one because you’re not quite sure if it’s enough.

“But I think it keeps the tie very much alive for both teams, which is a good thing.

“We always wanted our score to be starting with a four and we got that, but we have still got to get 51 points, which is going to be tough against them.

“We lost a 4-2 in heat 15, which I was a wee bit disappointed in, because we wanted at worst a 3-3 – but they managed to get a couple of points back on the board.”

Tuesday’s second leg at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium begins at 7.30pm.

Ipswich will host the first leg of the final on Thursday night.

Pic by George Mutch