Kildemand Wins Season Opener

Peter Kildemand won the Speedway Grand Prix season opener here tonight in Krsko.

The meeting started with Polish newcomer Piotr Pawlicki taking the spoils in heat one with a victory from the gate. Fellow Pole Maciej Janowski and Tai Woffinden fought for two laps before the current champion lost ground and the Pole claimed heat two.

A fabulous first lap from Bartosz Zmarzlik saw him fly past Nicki Pedersen to take the win in Heat three.

Chris Holder won heat four comfortably from the gate. Greg Hancock and Freddie Lindgren battled it out for a point, with the American coming off victorious.

A cracking start from Hancock in heat five saw him take a comfortable victory, while Pawlicki fought off Niels-Kristen Iversen for second place.

Nicki Pedersen picked up his first win of the campaign with a strong ride to beat Chris Holder in heat six.

Chris Harris was excluded from heat seven for touching the tapes. The re-run was won from the gate by Peter Kildemand. Matej Zagar found his gating gloves to lead home Freddie Lindgren in heat eight.

Heat nine saw a premature start from Piotr Pawlicki who was subsequently excluded. In the re-run Peter Kildemand threaded the eye of a needle between Lindgren and Jonsson down the back straight of the first lap to take the win.

Jason Doyle finally came to life in heat ten and took the win from Zmarzlik and Janowski.

Tai Woffinden took heat 11 from the gate.

Heat 12 saw Hancock make the start, but some erratic riding from Nicki Pedersen caused a coming together between the Dane and Matej Zagar with the Slovenian being disqualified. Hancock comfortably won the re-run.

Heat 14 was won by Doyle from the gate.

Back-to-back wins in heats 16 and 17 for Antonio Lindback lifted the Swede into contention for a place in the semis.

Iversen gates and goes in heat 18, leaving Doyle to claim a crucial second place.

Jonsson took heat 19 after passing and re-passing with Hancock, Zmarzlik third.

Heat 20 was won by Janowski from the gate with Holder in second.

Semi 1 line-up: Janowski, Kildemand, Pedersen, Doyle

The first semi was contended at close quarters for the first lap, with Kildemand eventually taking the win.

Semi 1 line-up: Holder, Woffinden, Hancock, Lindback

Holder make the gate and comfortably won the second semi from Woffinden

Final line-up: Holder, Kildemand, Woffinden, Doyle

A lightening start saw Kildemand lead from the gate. The other three battled it out with Doyle eventually moving into second with Holder third.