Woffy Quits Team GB

Tai Woffinden has left fans perplexed with a cryptic tweet claiming he is quitting Team GB.

Woffinden Tweet

Supporters were left to speculate on the reasons for Tai’s announcement, only a fortnight after leading Team GB to their first World Cup podium in a decade.

Subsequently, a press release has been issued, however, this doesn’t shed much light on the matter. It emphasises that Tai has not retired from from Team GB but says he does not want to discuss publically issues behind the scenes which have contributed to his decision.

Tai said “I’ve made a decision to sit out the 2017 World Cup but I remain proud to represent Great Britain in the Grand Prix.

“We’ll see where we are at in 2018, who knows I may be back for that. I’ve enjoyed representing Great Britain and meeting up with all the fans at Belle Vue was great for me.

“And I can never forget the reception the fans gave me at Cardiff, that was a special moment and I really appreciate all the support from my British fans

“I can also confirm I won’t be looking to switch nationalities and ride for Australia, that’s not part of my thinking.

“I wish Great Britain all the best for next year’s competition, but it’s time for me to take some time out.”

Woffinden’s planned returned to the Elite League is scheduled for Monday 22 August when Wolves taken on Lakeside Hammers at Monmore Green.